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Backup and Disaster Recovery – The Scary Truth

There is a scary misunderstanding most business owners have about their backup systems. Most people know that we all should be backing up our computers and servers. However, here's something you probably don't know, that will come back and "bite" you. Are you ready?...

Don’t be caught in the Dark Web.

The last thing a business owner wants to find out is that their company’s personal information has been compromised on the dark web. Now, that business’s financial information, passwords, credentials and more are being sold and traded amongst hackers.  With new...

Your Website Maintenance Checklist

Website Maintenance is something we rarely ever think about, we tend to forget that websites are not just static images, but in fact they have many moving parts. Parts that can become outdated, bogged down, and vulnerable to security breaches. So just like a car needs...

Clean your computer month

January is clean up your computer month. To celebrate, we've rounded up some tips to help you keep your most important tool working in top condition. • You should unplug and turn off your hardware while you clean it. if you use cleaning products on anything, you...

2017 is gone so should your old password

2018 Is here to stay, so maybe it's time you make cyber security your new year's resolution. Ever year Splashdata compiles a list of the most common login passwords, gathered from leaked data. If your password matches one of these, then maybe it's time to think of...

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