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Computer Backup & Disaster Recovery

Heart of Texas IT provides fast and reliable backup and disaster recovery for Windows servers and desktops. We protect your data by creating a local image which can be used to rapidly recover files or complete systems. The incremental images are then compressed, encrypted, and sent off site to secure computer maintenance/disaster-recovery storage for geographic redundancy. In the event of a site disaster, Heart of Texas IT will deliver your data to your hot site and assist you in getting your business back on line.



Rapid Restore

Our feature rich software not only has the ability to restore current and archived files, it also allows for bare metal restores of server and desktop images.  We can have your server or critical desktop accessible to you from the data center in minutes. We can recover an entire computer system to the original device, to a new device or virtual device. This means that your downtime, loss of data and productivity are all minimized.



Fit Your Business Requirements

Our managed disaster recovery solution can be customized to fit your business and users needs. 
We archive data based on your business requirements and set incremental backups for every 15 minutes.  Backups can be restored to completely different hardware or changed into virtual machines.

Our Disaster Recovery solution is feature rich and designed to protect your business by protecting your data. Whether it is a simple file recovery or a bare metal restore, our solution fits any budget and provides the necessary protection your business needs, both on- and off-site.  Heart of Texas IT disaster recovery is an easy choice.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is Data Backup and Recovery?

Data Backup and Recovery involves creating copies of your data to protect against data loss and recovering lost or corrupted data in the event of a disaster.

Do you offer encryption for backed up data?

Yes, we offer encryption services to ensure that your backed up data remains secure and protected from unauthorized access.

What is the cost of Data Backup and Recovery services?

The cost of Data Backup and Recovery services varies depending on the amount of data to be backed up, the level of protection required, and other factors. We provide customized quotes based on our clients’ needs.

How do you ensure the integrity of backed up data?

We use data integrity checks and regular audits to ensure that backed up data is accurate and complete, and we can quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Let Heart of Texas IT get your business protected today!

Call today and get the reliability and peace of mind that your business deserves. Our Managed IT Support plans will provide you with remote and/or on site computer services that, combined with a disaster recovery plan, will keep your computer network and data safe.