microsoft office 365

1. Nothing can keep your Business down

In the midst of an emergency or a disaster, your business data is the last thing on your mind. With your data safely in the cloud, that’s not something you will ever worry about again.  The U.S. Institute for Business and Home Safety collected statistics showing that 25% of small businesses do not reopen following a major disaster. Floods, fires and other building disasters, don’t have to mean the end of your business.

2. Control your Data and Know it’s Safe

Having your data in the cloud isn’t a scary thing with Office 365. We know security is important to you and your business, so with ever evolving security compliance, and built-in security options, you have more control than ever over your data and who can see what. Even if you lose or break your mobile device, Office 365 has you covered, with the ability to remotely wipe your data.

3. Your Office Goes Where You Do

Speaking of remotely protecting your data, You can also remotely access that same data wherever you are. Need to work from home, or at the beach? Office 365 has you covered, no previous IT experience is needed to create multiple workstations for your busy mobile life. 

4. Working Together to keep you Organized

Staying organized is a piece of cake when your contacts, email, and calendar automatically synchronize to work together. Gone are the confusing days of searching for the right version of your word document, because they now automatically sync to all your devices, and that means your work is always up to date, no matter where you are. 

5. Scaling Price plans that Grow with you

For a growing business, investing in software can be a big headache, not so with Office 365. With a scalable pricing plan, you can add and remove users and only pay for what you need. So they grow with your business, and keep costs predictable and flexible.


6. Store Everything you need in the Cloud

Storage woes are now a thing of the past, with 1 whole TB of onedrive online storage, you’ll never have to bother with trading USB drives around the office ever again, all your documents will have plenty of space. Email space is also a nice comfy 50 GB, so you can go ahead and keep every email ever, but we suggest cleaning your inbox occasionally for peace of mind.


7. Upgrades are Easy

Upgrades and licensing create confusion and all kinds of messes, but not with Office 365. Everyone gets updates, and changes at the same time. So nobody has to deal with “that one computer” with the old version of the software, anymore.


Bonus reason

8. Let us Help you Manage Office 365

Managing your constantly changing business is easier than ever with HOT IT admin services for Office 365. We’re experts who can help you with anything from adding, removing, and editing new users; to resetting that password you forgot and fixing those pesky email issues. Let us take control of the technical aspects, so you have more time to focus on growing your business.