3 Reasons to Hire a Managed IT Company

Small and medium size businesses don’t consider hiring a managed it services company thinking that only large companies can take advantage of it.  There are numerous advantages for small and medium businesses that outsource their Information Technology.  The list of benefits can’t fit into this one article so we are just going to cover what I consider to be the 3 most beneficial to businesses.


#1: Allows You to Focus on Your Business

Outsourcing your IT support allows you and your employees to concentrate on what you do best without having to worry about troubleshooting printers or computer connection problems.  You can’t grow your business if you are trying to figure out which desktops to purchase or whether you need new servers.  An IT company can help you answer these questions and any other you have with just a phone call.  I think this is one of the most powerful of the benefits of outsourcing IT and leads right into the #2 reason.

 #2: Managed IT Services Provides Greater Expertise

Information Technology is constantly changing and at a constantly increasing pace.  Having an outsourced IT department means you have a whole team of people staying on top of the latest tech trends.  You have people making sure that your systems have the latest patches and the latest tech to help you grow your business.  IT support is a very large combination of disciplines and is very difficult for a one man IT department to keep up with.  Everything runs faster and smoother with experts on the job. Increasing uptime and efficiency can help expand your business.


#3: Outsourcing IT Improves Cost Control

One of the main reasons that small and medium sized businesses do not look at outsourcing their IT department is that they think it will be cost prohibitive. The truth is that managed it companies have reasonably priced plans that fit the budget of almost all businesses. Small business owners need to understand that having the owner fix the companies technology issues is way more costly than hiring an IT company.  Outsourced IT allows for a fixed monthly price that makes budgeting a simple process.

Managed IT services help businesses get back to doing what they do best, allow new technologies to be implemented, and help with keep companies on a fixed budget.  These were just 3 of the reasons that you should consider outsourcing IT.  Call to schedule your free evaluation today!