Clean your computer month

January is clean up your computer month.

To celebrate, we’ve rounded up some tips to help you keep your most important tool working in top condition.

• You should unplug and turn off your hardware while you clean it. if you use cleaning products on anything, you should make sure it is 100% dry before turning anything back on again.

• You should clean the inside of your computer at least once every year, this may be more if you keep your computer somewhere dusty or use it more frequently than average.

• Use toothbrushes or paintbrushes to help keep your keyboard clean. The bristles can easily help dust in between keys. Also make sure you turn the keyboard over and gently shake out anything that might have fallen in-between the keys.

•Be gentle when cleaning your monitor. You should use a soft clean cloth, and if necessary you can dampen it slightly with water. Chemicals and rough cloths can scratch or damage your screen so be careful when cleaning.

•Your mouse should be cleaned about once a month. Most gentle disinfecting wipes are ok to wipe the mouse with, as long as it’s not excessively damp, maybe squeeze out some of the cleaning fluid before using, if you are concerned. Afterwards you can dry of any excess, and let your mouse dry for a while to be safe.

•If you’re up for the challenge you should take the time to open up your PC and clean the insides using compressed air. This will help protect your computer from overheating problems and extend the life of your hardware.

Check out some of the tutorials below to learn more about how to keep you computer spotless.