Cedar Park

Services We provide in Cedar Park

•Remote Managed IT services

Remote care has all the benefits of the Protection Package with the added benefit of all remote work being included. There are several reasons this plan is a real bargain. Instead of waiting for someone to come on site and increasing your downtime, our techs have the ability to log in and remotely fix most computer problems at no additional cost to you. In addition, we perform monthly system checks and immediately start working on any alerts that we receive. Remote computer services include 24/7 support for servers and can be included for critical computer systems.

• Managed IT services

Managed IT services is our specialty and we offer a wide range of solutions to fit every business. Whether you need someone to monitor your network or take your business into the cloud, we can provide you with the support and expertise that you need to accomplish your goals. Customer service is where we really separate ourselves from your average managed IT company. Our goal is to make sure that we integrate into your existing team and help your company become a well-oiled machine.

•Protection Managed IT services

We understand that not every business has an IT infrastructure that needs constant IT support so we created a protection package that allows for monitoring and the ability for us to support you remotely. The protection package includes our monitoring software as well as anti-virus, anti-malware, and computer software patching. Also, we give our protection and remote clients priority service as well as an online ticketing system that shows you what we have done and are doing to resolve your problem.

•Network Security

Network Security is a critical part of every business, with new threats and vulnerabilities coming out everyday that can cripple a business. Today’s businesses are more reliant on complex computer services and technologies and the Internet, with mission-critical applications running on networked servers and virtual environments.  System downtime is very costly and is much easier to prevent than it is to recover from. Computer maintenance and hardware/firmware updates are time consuming and can be complicated.   Heart of Texas IT proactively monitors and patches your network, computers, servers and security devices.  Here is a list of some of the items we monitor.

• Disaster Recovery

Heart of Texas IT provides fast and reliable backup and disaster recovery for Windows servers and desktops.In the event of a site disaster, Heart of Texas IT will deliver your data to your hot site and assist you in getting your business back on line.Call today and get the reliability and peace of mind that your business deserves. Our Managed IT Support plans will provide you with remote and/or on site computer services that, combined with a disaster recovery plan, will keep your computer network and data safe.

• Rapid Restore

Our feature rich software not only has the ability to restore current and archived files, it also allows for bare metal restores of server and desktop images.  We can have your server or critical desktop accessible to you from the data center in minutes. We can recover an entire computer system to the original device, to a new device or virtual device. This means that your downtime, loss of data and productivity are all minimized.

• Computer Backup Protection

We protect your data by creating a local image which can be used to rapidly recover files or complete systems. The incremental images are then compressed, encrypted, and sent off site to secure computer maintenance/disaster-recovery storage for geographic redundancy. In the event of a site disaster,

• Website Design

We kick off your project with a brainstorming meeting, to find out what your needs and expectations are. Whether it’s a website redesign or a brand new site, we have the tools to get you what you need. We take into account your design, branding, and technical needs to create a plan of attack that’s best for you.We create a separate private website for your project, where we host the website until launch. This is where we will make edits and changes that you can see before we upload your website and make it live. We setup all the pages to create a skeleton for your content, so that you know what has to be gathered and generated on your end.We get to work together, while you generate content for the website, we are hard at work coding, building, and designing. There’s a lot of back and forth in this stage, as we get your approval and create something uniquely yours.We make necessary changes, and move your content into the website to prepare for launch. Together we gather images for pages and email addresses for contact pages, and whatever else you might need as a cherry on top, and we help you make your new website home.We pack up and move your new website to your domain, where it will attract more oohs and aahs for your business than ever. You provide us with your hosting login information, or we set up a hosting account and domain for you, and it’s launch time for you!

• Website Maintenance

Miscellaneous support for when you’re having a “what is going on?” moment. We can help. WordPress woes, domain disasters, and network nightmares are what we fix best.We want to help make your site the best it can be, that means sometimes making small visual changes. We can help you change out your background, text color, or maybe add a new set of icons.Your hard drives get backed up, why shouldn’t your website? Let us Take care of that for you, it only makes sense to protect one of your company’s biggest assets.   Have some new content for us? Not really sure how to place it? Maybe you need an updated image or logo, or some information needs replaced or removed from your about page, whatever it is, we are happy to update your content.Just like a car, websites need regular maintenance in order to preform at their best. Updating plugins, wordpress files and themes, and keeping your security up to date to protect from the latest threats, is the best way to keep your website performing in top condition.